Some people just absurd

They get so amused and think it cool to be unheard

Protesting with no intellect

They disrespect the struggle of people that came before us

That shit is bogus

Like the talk I has on Facebook the other day

Dude asking why we at war and why the President don’t do what he say

Use your brain it's a reason why we stay in

As if the government can just pull out like to avoid a shorty

Poor he, the miseducated in life

Wanna know what's going on but choose to cover his eyes

Your demise well visit you soon

And when it does ain't no flowers or tears shed for u

Pray and hope you get a clue

Get you some ambition

Learn something new

Life's more than Jordans, Forces and them foreign cars

One day you could go far

Follow ur dreams

Live above the bar

I hope you one day learn that world is of charge

EB RebelComment