Home Sweet

Sweet home

Where love resides

Where you are free of judgement

And filled with joy

The place where you can be yourself

And not yourself all at the same time

The place to run to when the world is all too cruel

The place to lay your head when it feels like it gone

Home, with the ppl that love you

That get you

That would move mountains for you

Just to see you smile

Home is where I want to be

No one treats me like you do

Home is where my heart is

And I'm coming home to you



A Plane Ride with Badu

Saw an idol today

But didn't know what to say

She's a goddess to me

But am I worthy of her presence?

Should I go up and make my admiration known

Or give her the peace and quiet that she deserves

A conversation with her could change my life

Or simply give me the motivation to keep going

Or it could taint the holy vision I have of her ,making "On & On" unbearable to listen to anymore

Who knows...

I have a 2 hour plane ride to figure out what the answer is

All the while she's 29 rows in front of me

Maybe I'll see the (lady) at (bag)age claim

Winter Nights

Think about U daily

What a hell of a summer

Made me hotter than most

Sometimes I wonder

If things weren't so cold

What the hell could have come of us

Guess we'll never know

I guess we'll never grow

I just want you alone

Reminiscent of our last night

What could have when wrong

Something clearly wasn't right

Fill me in on this love

I need some closure

You know I need some closure

'cuz it's not over

I won't let it be over

'til you say it is




Sent from my iPhone

20 Somethings



This thang we do



Between me and you

You dope

I'm doper

I mean how could we not be one

I'm clean

You cleaner

So will be the daughter and son

But we can't get right

Nah we just can't get right

We fuss

Be all cliché and shit and fight

We try to be that couple

You know the one everyone like

But we’re not

Just a pair of twenty somethings trying to get a life

Trying to get a life

Trying to make a life

20 something in this thing called life

It gets complicated, like a FB relationship status

But I know, through the madness, I'll always have you



Millennial LOVE


In my feelings

What's the meaning?

Got things to say but can't

Why would I anyway?

Who would hear?

Or who would care?

Everyone's doing their own things

As am I

In my feelings

What's the reason?

Just the season, perhaps

Just the way the sun sets sooner

Or because I lost that hour of sleep

Who knows I don’t know either

In my feelings

In my feelings

Catching feelings

All the above

Just feeling...

The Power of Broke

Inspired by Daymond John
Be good
Do better
Be good
Lose chedda
Scared money don’t double itself
Safe money wont create more wealth
Don’t wanna be broke forever
Hope my thoughts take me far
Don’t do it for the money
But who doesn’t want a nice car
Nice shoes
Nice clothes
But more important is your goals
Most important is your soul
Through the woes, see the gold
You are almost there, don’t lose it
You are almost there…

Jail Cell (I Get Out) Inspired By Lauryn Hill's "I Get Out"

You don’t have to be behind bars to be lock up in a jail

Most of the ppl free secretly they be going through hell

Corporate world ain't no better pimp your ass for a sale

Corporate world ain't better leave you to die with no bail

My soul gone been long gone but I'm stuck can't get up

My soul gone cant go on I feel stuck just give up

Pray today I get though say fuck you and I bounce

Through the door say no more like Ms. Hill "I get out".

...I hope


Never seen them up close
Don’t know if they're real
Don't form where I grew up
Never knew how they feel
Life is meant to live so I can't stay in one place
Home is where the heart is but my mind is away
I've outgrow my surroundings, there's no more to offer
No more to discover
No more to conquer
I'm headed West, not in search for gold and fame but for another
I'm searching for myself, for myself and for others
If I grow I can in turn help them grow as well
Because I do this, music for the people
No for the cash, cars and jewels
I'm moving West, I see the mountains forming
And I can’t wait to place my feet in its snow
And create my own path


While in the air

I feel close to you

Been so long since I've seen you

But I feel you

Your spirit, your warmth

The love you showed but rarely spoke

I'm here because of you

You saved me

I'm forever grateful...

I miss you...

I really miss you

You were golden

You were love

In this hour I really miss you

But I'm ok

Because I'm up in the air

Next to you

Once again...


I love you Grandma